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    Heat and light for the people of Kyiv

    • Company

    • KYIVENERGO is a unique company that provides the capital of Ukraine with electricity and heat combining the processes of production, transmission and sale. In terms of specificity and scope of KYIVENERGO activities there are no similar companies in Western Europe.

      KYIVENERGO today joins 12 subsidiaries (including the single in the city Energia Combustion Plant) and 2 structural detached subdivisions that supply electricity, hot water and heat to residents of Kyiv. Available energy sources and large networks for heat and electricity transmission make it possible for the energy company to meet fully the requirement of the city of Kyiv in electricity and 75% of its need in heating.

      The Company sells electricity to the final consumers — legal entities and private individuals. Heat energy is sold only to consumers that are legal entities (including housing departments providing Kyiv people with central heating and hot water).

    • The Company arose from Kyivstrum Joint Stock Company set up in 1930, so KYIVENERGO celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2010.

    • Today KYIVENERGO has 5 structural separate divisions providing Kyivites light, hot water and heat, as well as two branches: "Energoservice" and the only one in Kiyv incineration plant "Energiya". The number of employees is more than 12 000 people. The company provides sale of electric energy to end users – businesses and individuals.

      Heat energy sold to legal entities – mainly housing organizations that provide central heating and hot water to the population.

    • The largest shareholder of KYIVENERGO are DTEK company (72.39% stake) and NAC "Energy Company of Ukraine" (25% stake).

    • Registered address of JSC "KYIVENERGO":

      ploscha Ivana Franka, 5, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001

    • Light

      KYIVENERGO generates electricity at 2 combined heat and power plants — TPS-5 (installed electric capacity is 700 MWt, installed heat capacity is 1874 Gcal/hr) and TPS-6 (installed electric capacity is 500 MWt, installed heat capacity is 1740 Gcal/hr). TPS-5 is equipped with 4 power-generating units and 5 hot water boilers. TEC-6 uses 2 power-generating units and 6 peaking hot water boilers. Electricity is transferred through the aerial lines and cable mains network of a total length around 11,900 km.


      Heat is generated by KYIVENERGO at TPS-5, TPS-6 as well as in 4 heat supply stations and 181 boiler plants. The total heat sources capacity is 8 814,6 Gcal/hr. Heat is transferred through the heat network of total length around 2 600 km (two-pipe dimension).

    • Our Mission

      is the satisfaction of social needs of residents of the capital of electric and heat energy and other products and services provided by Kyivenergo, as well as the achievement of profit to satisfy shareholders' interests, economic and social needs of its employees.

      The results of their work, the warmth of their hearts and energy of his hands Kyivenergo employees transferred to the house of Kyiv residents to residents and visitors in their daily lives felt peace and comfort, have adequate conditions of life, able to enjoy all the benefits of civilization.

    • Implementation of mission

      is many thousands of day and night, the use of technical knowledge and practical experience of professionals — engineers.

      The Company's liability is not limited to liability as an effective business structure, which takes care of the economic performance of their work. Team Kyivenergo their work contributes to the implementation of social policy and infrastructure development Kiev. We understand that the clock responsible for the quality of products and services for its obligations to customers and shareholders.


    • 1930

      The first unit of the KRES having the capacity of 21,300 kW was put into operation on May 1. The voltage of 11 kV was applied on the generators of the heat power plants of the KRES for the first time in the former USSR.

    • 1933

      Creation of the Office for power stations and networks of the Western part of the Ukrainian SSR (Zukrenergo) that included all the power facilities of Kyivstrum State-Owned Joint Stock Company.

    • 1934

      For the first time in the former USSR applied fault protection "earth" cable networks and differential protection of generators. Power complex "Kyivenergo" was reorganized in the area of energy management "Kyivenergo".

    • 1935

      The 2nd stage of the KRES (a turbogenerator having the capacity of 25,000 kW) was put into operation.

    • 1936

      Commissioning of Heat and Power Plant 3 (the present ST 1) that had domestically manufactured equipment and the capacity of 12,000 kW.

    • 1937

      Completion of the construction of the 2nd stage of Heat and Power Plant 3. The capacity of the plant grew up to 36,000 kW.

    • 1939

      Commissioning of the 3rd stage of the KRES having a turbogenerator of 25,000 kW. The total capacity of the plant reached 70,300 kW.

    • 1940

      Consumers of heat from the Heat and Power Plant began to receive hot water for meeting everyday needs.

    • 1941

      Commissioning of a turbounit having the capacity of 24,000 kW at Heat and Power Plant 3. The capacity of the plant reached 60,000 kW.

    • 1943

      The restoration of the power system began after the liberation of Kyiv from the German occupants. The first restored diesel generator having the capacity of 300 kW began to operate at Shevchenkivskyi DMS.

    • 1944

      On KRES commissioned first reconstructed unit capacity of 10,000 kW.

    • 1945

      The first restored unit was put into operation at Heat and Power Plant 3. The capacity of the power system was 35,900 kW.

    • 1946

      The capacity, the production volume and the technoeconomic parameters exceeded the level of the pre-war year 1940. The installed capacity of the system was 125,000 kW. Creation of Kyivenergoremont.

    • 1947

      In Kyiv DPP-2 began to work the first high-pressure turbine with capacity of 35,000 kW.

    • 1948

      On the DPP-2 began working the second high-pressure turbine power 24,000 kW.

    • 1950

      Commissioning of the first cable networks of 35kW.

    • 1951

      Beginning of the construction of the Darnytsia Heat and Power Plant.

    • 1954

      Commissioning of the first stage of the Darnytsia Heat and Power Plant having the capacity of 50 MW. At that time, it was one of the biggest and best Heat and Power Plants in the former USSR.

    • 1958

      Commissioned the first air line (VL) from Darnitsa CHP 110 kV.

    • 1959

      Commissioned the grid of 35 kW gas-filled cable with brand GSP-135.

    • 1960

      Introduced the first intersystem 330 kW Kyiv-Kremenchug. This made it possible to combine for parallel operation of Kiyv and Dnipro grid.

    • 1961

      The Kyiv power system was connected to the high-voltage network of the European part of the USSR through the Southern power system by means of a 330 kW KremGESZhovtneva high-voltage line.

    • 1962

      Creation of the Ukrainian SSR Ministry of Energy and Electrification.

    • 1963

      TPP-2 (the former DPP-2) for the first time in the USSR commissioned research and industrial stationary power turbine unit (GTU) capacity of 25 MW.

    • 1964

      Commissioned 220 kW, 110 kW transmission line number and Kyiv hydroelectric power station.

    • 1966

      Cherkassy CHP commissioned number 3 turbine PT-60-90 / 13 capacity of 60,000 kW. 8 substations Kyiv grid voltage of 35 kW translated into voltage of 110 kW.

    • 1967

      The merger of all the energy systems of Ukraine 220-330 kW overhead lines. This increased the reliability of electricity supply.

    • 1969

      For the first time in the former USSR to Tripoli TPP commissioned power unit of 300 MW boilers in a 2-cabinet design, for solid fuels and natural gas.

    • 1970

      Commissioning of three power generating units having the capacity of 300 MW each at the Trypilska DRES. The installed capacity of the plants belonging to the power system was 2,008 MW and the capacity reserve in the system increased up to 53.3 MW. Commissioning of the Kyiv Storage Plant that was the first in the former USSR.

    • 1971

      Load was supplied to the first turbogenerator having the capacity of 60 MW at the Bila Tserkva Heat and Power Plant. Power unit No. 1 having the capacity of 100 MW and the thermal power of 160 Gcal/h and a PTVM 180 water-heating boiler were commissioned at Kyiv Heat and Power Plant No. 5 for the first time in Ukraine.

    • 1972

      У грудні 1972 року на ТЕЦ-5 запущено енергоблок № 2 потужністю 100 МВт

    • 1974

      At the Kyiv HPP-5 launched monoblock electric capacity 250/300 MW and heat capacity of 330 Gcal / h. The construction of the second stage of the CHP.

    • 1975

      At Kaniv HPP ommissioned 7 units with total capacity of 129.5 MW and 3 units with a total capacity of 55.5 MW.

    • 1976

      Based on RG "Kyivenergo" created Production Energy Association (PEA) "Kyivenergo".

    • 1977

      Commissioning of 110 kV cable networks. Commissioning of the first power generating unit having the capacity of 1,000 MW and a RBMK1000 reactor at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station.

    • 1978

      У 1978 році ТЕЦ-5 введено в постійну експлуатацію.

    • 1981

      Commissioning of the first power generating unit having the capacity of 250 MW at Kyiv Heat and Power Plant No. 6.

    • 1982

      TGMP334 A boilers having manufacturer’s numbers 1 and 3 were commissioned at Heat and Power Plant No. 6 for the first time in the former USSR.

    • 1995

      On September 28 Kyivenergo State-Owned Power Supply Company was created by virtue of Order of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine No. 177 dated August 31, 1995. Being the capital local power system the Company integrates the functions of the generation, distribution and sale of electric and thermal power.

    • 1998

      On the basis of state joint-stock utility company "Kyivenergo" was created shareholder utility company "Kyivenergo".

    • 2000

      A 110/10 kW closed deep input substation styled “Center” with a 110 kW electric and gas distribution device 10 kV outgoing line vacuum switches was commissioned for the first time in Ukraine.

    • 2001

      На ТЕЦ-6 розпочато спорудження сучасного водогрійного котла №6.

    • 2002

      One of the most state-of-the-art 330 kV switches was put into operation in the 330 kV distribution device at Heat and Power Plant No. 6.

    • 2004

      The construction of power generating unit No. 3 of Heat and Power Plant No. 6 was in progress. The TGV3202PUZ generator manufactured by Elektrovazhmash Research and Production Association, Kharkiv, is a novelty of the domestic industry.

    • 2005

      Commissioned a new substation gated 110/10 kW "Osokorki."

    • 2010

      The construction of the first stage of heating station "Poznyaki", the construction of which was begun in 1989. HS "Poznyaki" is the first high-powered thermal energy facilities in Kiev, which was commissioned for the time of independence of Ukraine.

    • 2011

      Joint Stock Company "Kyivenergo" changed its name to Public Joint Stock Company "Kyivenergo".

    • 2012

      Launched a new 110/10 kW "Moscow" with 110 kW transmission line in Goloseyevsky region of Kyiv. PS "Moscow" is the largest facility of its voltage class, built in Kyiv for the past 20 years. Its construction was carried out near the site of the old substation, power which could not fully meet the needs of the Holosiyiv and Pechersk district of the capital's electricity.

    • 2013

      In 2013, the company replaced more than 100 km of heating networks is the largest amount of work that was carried out in the heat sector in recent years. Reconstruction touched as trunk and distribution pipelines. The works on the reconstruction of substations "Pecherska", "Lvivska". The company also reconstructed 30 km of cable networks 10-110 kW in the city center. HEC-6, a project of reconstruction of water treatment and cooling tower number 2.

    • 2014

      CHP-5 completed a project to install modern electrical equipment switchgear-330 from ABB (Switzerland). Analogue GIS-330 is installed only in Ukraine Dniester pumped-storage station (DGAES). In the thermal generation of such technology and design used for the first time. PJSC "Kyivenergo" finished the reconstruction of substation "Elenovskaya" 35/10 kV, which was commissioned in 1974. Over the years 2013-2014 the company carried out the reconstruction of the substation, increasing its voltage class from 35 to 110 kV and power from 22 to 56 MW. The first stage of building bridges between the thermal heating network station "Poznyaki" and "Plant" Energy ". With the commissioning of the heating duct, about 100 houses will be provided with an array Pozniaky warm in the winter season.